About Us

At the end of 2017, we continue to work intensively with the aim of serving the national and international markets with the brand of culture stone and culture brick which we started at the end of 2017. With our three different cultural stone models and five different cultural bricks models, our mystic colors are applied to our designers, and we provide services to our local and international dealers.
All of our products are produced according to ISO 9001 quality standards and are shipped according to these standards. Our company, with its expert team, has been established as a result of the sectoral studies carried out at home and abroad for many years, closely follows the dynamics of the sector and continues to work in this direction.

In order to make an important part of our productions exported, our company is engaged in the works, Yüzak Yapı İnş.İth.Şti. We, as Olivin Stone, continue to work with our strength in order to make a brand known for the quality of the cultural stone and culture brick in national markets.

Our Vision

  • We embrace change; we know that everyone, including ourselves, needs to do their part to make the change happen quickly and smoothly.
  • We take initiative and encourage use, as long as we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat our mistakes.
  • We define performance based on objective and measurable criteria, and evaluate it fairly and consistently.
  • We definitely appreciate a good job; we also provide feedback to improve each other.
  • We rationally defend the issues we believe to be accurate and work constructively to implement them.
  • As a result of all these efforts, we make efforts to ensure that our customers trust our brand first of all.

Our Mission

As Olivin Stone family, we aim to develop a lifelong partnership with all our customers to understand their needs, to produce the right solutions and to achieve success based on satisfaction.

Our Values That Make Us;
  • Respect and Commitment.
  • We do our job in the most accurate, right and hearted way.
  • We make clear promises, we fulfill our promises and we will give you their results.
  • We constantly improve ourselves and our colleagues.
  • We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, so we build long-term relationships based on trust.